It all started when...


The Giant American Towel is the brainchild of Corey Goodermote and Spencer Frazier, two techies based in New York City. Frequently found loitering in the park, they often became frustrated with the inability to have enough space to yourself. Blankets were too heavy, towels too small... there just wasn't anything out there that could take up the space they needed. 

So, they settled on making their own. They stitched a few prototypes and found the right size. 12 feet by 8 feet... the perfect balance of taking up the space they needed, but still being manageable enough to carry in a normal sized backpack or tote. 



They quickly found out that there isn't a supplier in the world who can make a towel that big. It would have to be hand-stitched. It would, obviously, have to be made in America. It would have to be made out of the finest terry cloth - the material normal beach towels are made of. It would be perfect.

And thus, The Giant American Towel was born.