The Giant American Towel

The Giant American Towel

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Meet the largest beach towel you can possibly find.

Sized at an enormous 12 feet by 8 feet, this ACTUAL towel is five times the size of any normal beach towel. It easily folds up to fit inside a normal backpack, and is exactly what you need to take up as much space as you possible can - on the beach, in the park, or wherever your heart desires.

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Additional details on returns, how to clean this thing, and so on are below.

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Additional Info

  • Each towel is sized 12 feet by 8 feet.
  • When folded up they can fit in a normal sized backpack easily. 
  • The towels are made of a high-quality terry cloth, the same type of material that's used for regular, puny beach towels. 
  • All of our towels are made IN America, coming to you live from our warehouse in LA. 

Washing Instructions

We recommend washing them in cold water (no bleach!) and air drying. 

Refund Policy

We will gladly accept returns of any towels that have not been used. For hygiene concerns, we cannot accept returns for any towels that have been used (come on, that's gross). If you'd like to return your unused towel to us, just shoot us an email at 

Note that we do not cover return shipping costs, which should be about $10 bucks.